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Why We Shouldn’t Force Children To Say Sorry

It is not unusual to hear a practitioner asking a child to come and apologise to another child immediately following an altercation. “Come and say sorry please, that wasn’t very nice”. This appears to have become an automatic generic response that gives little thought to the uniqueness of each situation – the circumstances leading up to the incident, the child’s current situation and individual needs etc, etc. Doing this also takes the emphasis away from what has happened and the focus is turned to the apology. There are several reasons why this may not always be an appropriate response from an adult.

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How do you define a child who is ready for making the transition to school?

Making the transition to school can be so overwhelming and a real upheaval for some children (and their families), if they are not physically or emotionally ready to conform to the expectations placed upon them. Yes, they may be able to count to 20, write their name and even recognise a few words, but how does this prepare them for the reality that is entering the schooling system, and all that that brings? So many physical and emotional skills and attributes are needed as a foundation to being truly ready to learn.

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Helping children, colleagues and communities to Thrive

The launch of Thrive Childcare and Education is an exciting step in our growth and development plans. That isn’t changing, but we are evolving and investing in our services, our indoor and outdoor environments and, most of all, our teams, who make our nurseries and kindergartens such inspiring places for children.

That’s why we’ve changed our name to Thrive Childcare and Education, because that’s what we’re about – helping our children, colleagues and communities to thrive.

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