A Day at Nursery

Out of School Care

Plentiful Days – Curated for Different Age Groups

Children are supported by skilled and nurturing practitioners who know them well. This ensures that environments, resources and experiences are planned for and encourage play and exploration.

Play is a process through which children are free to explore, investigate and re-create to allow them to understand the world around them. Play acts as a vital part of brain development and therefore learning through play is embedded throughout a child’s experience of a day in nursery.

Our practitioners understand that each child has their own unique day at nursery and are on hand to support and extend learning through planned and child-led experiences. Children of all ages are provided with spaces where they feel safe, secure and happy, with a range of age-appropriate resources and experiences which invoke a sense of curiosity, awe and wonder. Physical development, Neuroscience and Conservation are areas in which Thrive Childcare and Education is passionate about delivering and therefore these are an integral part of everything that we do.