Our Commitment

We are Thrive Childcare and Education and we are committed to putting children first every time. We are excited and pleased to introduce you to the wonderful, passionate and committed team who are working at Thrive Childcare and Education. Please take a moment to read our story. We invite you and your family for a lovely journey with Thrive.


We are a leading UK provider of nurseries, serving children, families and carers across Scotland and the North-West of England.

With over twenty years of managing award-winning nurseries and our innovative approach to Education (with an emphasis on outdoor learning), we deliver our high standards and provide nursery settings to children across the UK.

Our four different brands cover 48 different nurseries. They are:

Why us?

At Thrive Childcare and Education, we put children first every time and our long-standing, experienced teams deliver every day with passion. As part of our mission to create a better world, we provide settings optimised for children to learn, explore and be happy. We help them to understand that the environment is there to be respected as well as to provide them with so many learning opportunities.

We have a unique approach to education with an emphasis on nature and the outdoors, so we provide as many natural areas as we can. Our forest schools for example are built around the children’s imaginations thus providing an environment where they can be themselves as well as learn to be expressive. We believe that children learn best through play.

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Team member and children playing in play area at our children's nursery in Swinton Salford, Holyrood Nursery Swinton

Parent Reviews

Adele, M

My son has attended this nursery for 15 months now and loves it. The staff helped him to settle in and know and care for him really well. He has come on well with his speech and social skills so much since he started and has formed lovely friendships. My husband and I love receiving all of the little pieces of artwork that he makes as well as his daily diary entries. I would highly recommend this nursery to other parents.

Andrea, E

My little girl goes to Astley and she is in pre-school she is loving it in there as she has come on leaps and bounds since she has moved up. They do loads of lovely activities with the children. The gardens here are very big and all the children love going outside in the cars and the other toys when I pick up my little girl. All of the staff are all very friendly and are very happy to help you if you have a problem or have any questions. All of the management team are very happy to help you with any questions that you may have.

Laura F

I have experienced great things with the nursery since my son has started, since the New Year. My son’s keyworker has reassured me and been very informative with what he has been doing on a day to day basis. All the workers in his room have been really friendly and understanding. My son is very happy when he arrives at nursery and can see his development progressing. Keep up the great work Holyrood!

Fees and Funding

Let us help you make the right choice. Different funding packages are available across the UK and different nurseries offer discounts for Emergency Service workers, teachers etc.

Please check out our Fees and Funding page for further details.

Fees and Funding
child using toy cash register

Health and Safety

At Thrive Childcare and Education, we make your child’s health and safety our top priority.

Our standards are the highest in the industry, meeting or exceeding all local and national guidelines.

All of our early education and nursery settings include:

  • The highest level of care and supervision from our experienced teams
  • Secure entry systems to keep your child as safe as possible
  • Daily cleaning of all rooms and surfaces including toys, child furnishings, changing-areas, and food spaces
  • Strict handwashing and sanitary policies to prevent the spread of germs
  • A curriculum that emphasises healthy practices for children
Safety Operational Procedures
Health and Safety