Gender Pay Gap Policy


Under UK legislation that came into force in April 2017, businesses with more than 250 employees are required to publish data about their gender pay gap. This includes the details of their gender pay and bonus gap, the percentage of women and men receiving a bonus and the number of women and men in each pay quartile of their workforce. The Gender Pay Gap is a measure of the difference in the average pay of women and men – irrespective of their role or level – across the entire business expressed as a percentage. It is distinct from ‘equal pay’ which refers to women and men being paid the same for carrying out the same jobs, similar jobs, or work of equal value.



Thrive Childcare and Education is committed to equal opportunities in the workplace. We are constantly creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels they can reach their full potential, be the best they can be with consideration given to their contribution and individual merit.  We are proud to be over 95% female.  This has resulted in skewed figures on the report.


A very slight gender pay imbalance exists due to the low proportion of men in the business with them being in senior/central office roles mostly sitting in the upper quadrant.  We have a healthy representation of women in senior managerial positions, some who have developed their careers in Thrive from apprentice/entry level roles.  We are really pleased that our Senior Leadership Team has true gender equality with 70% female and 30% male members.


Our challenge in the early years sector is to attract more male colleagues into our business which is a huge challenge given we normally do attract a high proportion of females.  Breaking down beliefs across industry and through schools and colleges that childcare is only for females, will enable us to bring more male representation into our business which will hugely benefit the children, our families, and colleagues. Whilst we can’t impact this as a quick fix, we can certainly ensure that anyone who joins our business is given equal opportunity to develop and grow their career with us in the meantime.


Please visit GOV.UK to see the 2020/21 Gender pay gap report on Thrive Childcare and Education