Festive Fundraising for Save the Children

Every year we get ready for the festive season, but what is it like for those who can’t?

Our Holyrood Nursery Salford worked in partnership with Save The Children, a charity that raises funds for children across the UK and the wider world to improve social, economic, healthcare and education opportunities. It helps care and create a voice for children who otherwise may not have one.

By working together with the community, our Holyrood Salford Family managed to raise funds to go towards this incredible cause.

Our manager at Holyrood Salford, Rachel after holding a Christmas Jumper Day, advised the children at the nursery “spent the day talking about their Christmas jumpers with each other and the older children talked about how they were raising money for children who were less well-off.”

To read more about our Holyrood Salford’s fundraiser, take a look at the article about us in Salford Now below