Food & Nutrition

Feeding Young Minds

At our nurseries, the food provided is designed to give your little one the very best start in life. We make this possible by supplying our children with either home cooked or sourced nutritional food, bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables and all the essential ingredients necessary for healthy physical and mental development. From babies to preschool, promoting a love for food, understanding how food benefits us while helping us grow is extremely important to us. Creating further independence with self-serving and portion guidance is always encouraged in preschool rooms and even earlier when children are ready.

Children have fresh drinking water available to them throughout the day.

Our Menus

Each nursery has a four weekly and seasonal menu outlining breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks available to children.

These menu’s will be shared with you on request via the Nursery team or downloadable on your specific nurseries page if available.

For any queries over the options that are available or specific requests, do get in touch directly with the Nursery team. We endeavour to offer children choice where possible.

Find Out What Your Nursery Provides

Our Nursery Chefs provide rotational menu’s which are curated with the children in mind and can be altered to suit any preferences or requirements.

Some of our Nursery Chefs get involved in cooking and baking activities with the children were permits. If this is something the nursery offers, you can find out by checking out your individual nurseries page under the Food and Nutrition section.

Some of our nurseries where we do not have kitchen facilities, we do offer meals from partnered catering companies.

Depending on what nursery your little one attends, it will be provided from one of the following companies that provide equally as wholesome, nutritious food for your little one daily that follows the appropriate guidelines and requirements as our Chefs.

You can find a breakdown of their Menu’s below. If this is something the nursery offers, you can find out what catering provision on your individual nurseries page under the Food and Nutrition section.

Within all of our nurseries there is a huge importance placed on mealtimes being a safe and enjoyable experience for all children.

All of our Chefs and Catering companies hold the appropriate qualifications for Food Hygiene and Safety and complying to all health and safety requirements to create the best meals possible for your child’s needs during the day.

Some of our nurseries hold local Food and Nutrition awards which will be on their individual pages.

We follow the Government guidance for food and nutrition and have our own policy and guidance regarding food safety at Thrive Childcare & Education.

You can find the government guidance here: