Safer Play Groups At Thrive Nurseries

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A way of grouping children at our nursery, keeping children and staff safe during the time of coronavirus by organising them into small groups and coordinating their routines, their movements, and their use of resources throughout the day. A safer play group will usually consist of children who would usually be in the same playroom/age group and are already known to each other.

  • Reduce risk of transmission in children and adults
  • Effectively manage instances of COVID-19 in the nursery. If a person tests positive for the virus, only the children and adults in the safer play group will be asked to self-isolate and seek tests where possible
  • Reassure parents as to the control measures we are using within the setting
  • Reassure staff that their health & wellbeing is being planned for daily
  • Provides organisation and clear responsibility for staff in guiding and supporting children

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two children smiling at each other at our children's nursery