A Day at Nursery for our Tweenies

Cornerhouse Hero

Meet and Greet / Cuddles

“I’m excited to get to nursery to play with my friends. I meet my carer at the door, who always smiles when they see me, sometimes we read a story together. That makes me feel happy and secure.”


Outdoor Play

“I am learning to explore my outdoor environment and getting braver every day introducing myself to new experiences and challenges with support from the grown-ups. Outside I am able to make big noises and big movements which really helps my developing self-regulation skills”


Indoor Activities / Loose Parts

“I am exploring treasure baskets which are full of interesting objects of all shapes, sizes and textures. I am exploring all my senses which really helps me to make important brain connections.”



“YUMMY what’s for lunch today? It smells very nice. I wash my hands with help before I eat my lunch to make sure I stay safe. I love sitting with my friends to eat my lunch.”


Sleep Time

“My carer has made my bed ready for me. He gave me my favourite-coloured blanket and my dummy. I am feeling very sleepy now.”


Role Play

“I am a gorilla in the jungle, and I am swinging through the trees! I love pretending to be different people and animals when I play with my friends”


Craft / Messy / Sensory Experiences

“Wow! This feels squishy in my hand. I wonder what will happen if I put water in the dirt. I can make soup for my friends… “brown soup”!