A Day at Nursery for our Babies

Meet and Greet / Cuddles

“My carer is always so happy to see me, she gives me lovely cuddles, and this helps me to feel safe, secure and happy as I settle in.”



“I am beginning to lay the foundations for creating friendships. I recognise familiar faces and love to interact with my peers with the support of my carers”


Outdoor Play / Going for a Walk in the Pram

“It’s time to go for a walk, I hope we walk through the park today, we walked through the woods yesterday. There is so much to see and hear. My carers always make sure my friends and I get outdoors every day for some fresh air”


Physical Activity / Tummy Time

“I love kicking my legs around on the floor during tummy time. This helps me to develop a strong core which will help me to do all sorts of important things when I am older such as climbing and running, reading and writing!”


Indoor Play

“My playroom is full of interesting objects that I can explore which helps me to discover new things and try out my skills. This is really important for me to learn so many different things. My carers make sure that everything I play with is safe for me.”



“After a morning of busy exploration, I am hungry. My carer helps me with my food and encourages me to have a go at feeding myself when I am ready. If I need a bottle, I enjoy a cuddle from my carer while I have this.”


Sleep Time

“Whenever I need to sleep, my carers make sure there is a calm and relaxing place for me to rest and ensure I get enough sleep, so I am ready to play!”


Role Play

“I love when my keyworker plays animals with me. She makes the best animal noises. I am pretending to be a dog and practicing my animal noises – “Woof!”


Sensory Experiences

“Shiny lights, colourful and interesting objects. Different noises and smells, wow this is so interesting. My carers always think of exciting ways for me to explore my senses. This is important for my developing brain.”