A Day at Nursery for our Toddlers

Meet and Greet / Cuddles

“I can see my carer at the door. I can’t wait to find out what we will be doing today at nursery!”


Physical Activity

“I love to start the day doing the daily mile with my friends, I can run, jump or walk. Its great to be outside and moving my body keeping me fit and healthy and ready for all the fun I am going to have.”


Outdoor Play

“During the day I love to be outside exploring our wonderful garden. We look for bugs and birds and look after our vegetable patch. I love creating natural collages with things I’ve found outside.”



“I love to share stories and adventures with my friends at nursery. We have lots of fun and laugher together and sometimes just snuggle down together for rest”.



“I am always ready for my lunch. I love trying new foods with all my friends. I am getting good at cutting up my own food now!”


Sleep and Rest

“Whenever I need a rest or sleep my carers make sure there is somewhere calm and quiet for me to curl up.”


Role Play

“I love playing with the big blocks and cardboard boxes, building houses, dens and pirate ships! Sometimes my creations last for days.”


Sand and Water

“The sand pit is one of my favourite places. I love pouring the sand, making tunnels and building sandcastles. I am starting to learn about sharing and taking turns with my friends.”


Home Time

“After such a fun and busy day, I am excited to see my family and tell them all about it.”