A Day at Nursery for our Pre-Schoolers

Meet and Greet

“I can’t wait to go and see my friends at nursery. I want to tell them all about my visit to the zoo this weekend.”


Snack Time

“I like it when I get to cut up fruit for snack; apples are my favourite.”


Outdoor Play

“I can’t wait to go outside and build a den; I need my jacket as its cold outside today. I love to try new experiences and have a go at some more risky challenges with the help of the grown-ups.”



“I need to wash my hands and help set up for lunch time. I’m putting my card out on the table; this is so that everyone knows what I can have to eat, keeping me safe.”


Indoor Play

“I have eaten my lunch now and I’m going to finish building my den. I’m counting out the sticks I need to make it stand tall. I can’t wait to show my mummy and daddy when they pick me up.”


Activity / Conservation Champions

“I have been learning about how we care for our planet and today me and my friends recycled all our milk cartons in the brown bin. This helps the planet; that feels good!”


Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation

“If I miss my family, I like reading books with my carers to make me feel better; it’s so cool! I feel better in my cosy den at nursery. It has lights, and they twinkle, making me feel calm and relaxed.”


Time to Go Home

“What a busy day I have had! I’m tired now and looking forward to being with my family but can’t wait to come back tomorrow.”